Tips to travel safely in a taxi in Sydney
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Tips to travel safely in a taxi in Sydney

Taxi drivers are a great source of information about the locality, events, customs, etc. One can have small talks with the driver to make the trip enjoyable. However, while riding in a taxi, you transfer control to the taxi driver. As the person in taxi is completely unknown, you should be alert. Certain measures can be taken to avoid regrets.

Book taxi from a trusted source

Hailing a taxi on the road is risky because the independent drivers do not have any credibility. It is better to book a taxi from a trusted app or website that provides drivers after conducting proper background checks on them.

Ask the price and tipping range before boarding

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the bill, confirm from the driver about the estimated bill. Tipping range can also be confirmed beforehand. You also ask the driver about different types of payment options and tell him which one is convenient for you.

Look at the ID badge of driver

All genuinely licensed taxi drivers carry their ID badge in the vehicle. Do check it while entering in the taxi.

Ride with windows closed

Thieves always look out for easy targets. Ensure that while riding, the doors and windows are closed to avoid anyone from snatching away things from you.

Keep an emergency contact handy

In case you are travelling in a foreign country, do keep a note of the emergency contact numbers. These can be helpful in dire situations.

Also, never enter a taxi if there is someone sitting in the passenger seat. Irrespective of the reasons given by the taxi driver or the passenger, do not get in the taxi. This is generally the way passengers are lured into kidnapping, theft, rape or murder.

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