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RSL Cabs Fares

Fares including Goods and Services Tax (GST) effective from 01 July 2014

Hiring Charge :               $3.60
10pm-6am Fridays, Saturdays and nights before
public holidays

Distance Rate: Rate 1: $2.19 per kilometre Day 6am-10pm daily
Rate 2:                                $2.63 per kilometre
Night 10pm-6am daily


Network Booking fee$2.50 surcharge in addition to the fare.

Waiting or travelling under 26km/h: 94.4c per minute ($56.64c per hour)

tolls and charges that apply to the Your journey, which
will be added to the your fare.

For Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel
journeys only, the return toll will be added.

Maxi Cabs

50% will be automatically added to the charges above (Day Rate 3 or
Night Rate 4) if:

•you request a maxi-cab and are not using a wheelchair,
•or the maxi-cab is pre-booked, regardless of the number of passengers,
•or there are 5 or more people in your group.

All RSL Cabs accept a variety of payment methods, including:
•RSL Cabplus
•Cabcharge, and
•Major credit and debit cards

To ensure accurate detailed receipts and for the security of your data, we recommend that all Cabcharge, credit and debit card payments are made using the Cabcharge electronic Fareway™ mobile EFTPOS terminal in the taxi.

Note: A 5% service fee applies to card payments.

The Vehicles

RSL Cabs have a fleet of late model air-conditioned taxis.

Among the fleet are sedans, station wagons, prestige sedans and wheel chair accessible vans.

RSL Drivers take great pride in the quality and appearance of their taxis, ensuring your journey is clean, quite and relaxed. Our long involvement in the taxi cab industry gives us competencies beyond the reach of other service providers.

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